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SEO consulting

Doing SEO since 2004.. I move forward. But my goal is still the same. To bring customers to your website through search engines


SEO analysis

I can't do SEO without knowing the target group, brand, and business processes in your company. I hate giving "universal advice"... My work has order and results.


SEO management

SEO and I have a long history - it began in 2004. I know suppliers, methods and approaches. Trust me with your project. I can help you build a team that will reach the goals easily.


Training & speeches

I support sharing information, experience and knowledge. That is why I pass them on at conferences, universities and professional trainings.

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Pleexy: Interesting solution for sync project’s tasks...

I work as SEO specialist for many clients and most of them have small (or huge) teams of online marketing specialists. These teams need...

Slides from my speech: 10 tasks to prevent End Game in long term SEO strategy

Speech: 10 tasks to prevent End Game in long term SEO strat...

Few months ago Ján Laurenčík, CEO of the Basta Digital Company, ask me for the speech on hist event SEO Zraz. Because I was on theSEO z...

Google Panda Update

Fourth Panda came down on Czech websites. How does the hamm...

Google surprised with the Panda 4.0 update. Its purpose is to fight non-quality and unoriginal Internet content. Who suffered and ...

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